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Education in Russia for foreign citizens

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Why Russia?

Statistics can be trusted — the exact number is always clear.
4 379 000

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221 500

students from all over the world

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Each student can choose one or several of hundreds of interesting training programs, make dozens of new friends and get a lot of positive emotions - let this path begin at the universities of Russia!

Information about studying in Russia

The Russian universities present different studying programs. It may be a "full-time education" - All lecture courses are held at the university for all day long with the personal presence of students. There is "Part time education" - Classes are held in the evening or weekends. Also there is another type of education -“Distance education” - students attend the introduction lecture course, after that they study at home with the developed studying program, after that, they pass tests and exams at the university.

Higher education levels are also different: you can study for Bachelor, specialist degrees, master, post-graduate program, vocational retraining and advanced training programs, and also come to study Russian language.

Tuition Fees and the quality of education in Russia

Study in the Russian universities is much cheaper than in the US universities, Canada or the UK, and regarding to the level of studying, leading Russian universities are decent competitors with the western educational organizations.

Tuition Fees in the Russian universities for the full-time programs starts from 1100$, depending on the specialty (according to the norms established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia).

The maximum cost in the most prestigious metropolitan universities in the country about 8800$, according to the rating of the agency "Expert".

If you choose universities that are not located in Moscow or St. Petersburg, tuition Fees and accommodation will be cheaper, because the price level in the regions is much lower than the price in the capital. (For more information about tuition fees, you can find on the websites of universities) Or you can get the full price list after registering on the website: RUSTUDENT.ORG


Studying at a Russian univercity on a contract basis is an optimum combination of a price and quality: international students gain fundamental knowledge and prestigious diplomas for a very reasonable price. The price level can be different for different cities and regions and it is necessary to remember that the most expensive cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Living in Russia foreign student spend about $ 350 per month. But for the first time, it is practically larger amount because of insurance payment, buying textbooks and housing.




Most university students live on campus in Russia, but also you may rent a room or an apartment. Also some regions and the center of a city are more expencive places to live. The price starts rom 260$ up to 700$ per month. You can always find a place what you like for living. Russian universities help foreign students to get comfortable conditions in the country.


Do not be surprised if a police officer asks to see your documents. It is one of many counter-terrorism security measures taken not against you, but for your own safety. The threat of terrorism, one of the most serious global concerns, is taken very seriously in Russia. Russia is quite successful in counter-terrorism and takes special care about the security of Russian citizens and foreign nationals. Do not panic during security and ID checks. It is a standard crime prevention practice. Keep emergency numbers always with you, and in case of any danger, immediately ask for a help.


Russian mobile providers offer different packages, consultants in the communication offices will assist you to choose the most suitable one. The price of the package depends on the hours of conversation, SMS, Internet gigabytes and other settings. It may cost from 5$ per month. If you want to buy a SIM card, you need to have a national passport (with the residence registration) and migration card. The Internet can be both paid and free (Wi-Fi); the last option is typical for campuses. To connect the internet in rentable apartments, you will have to pay separately.It costs from 5-10$ per month.



Fast moving around the city is an important factor if you are unable to find an accommodation near your university, as well as if you just want to go for a walk. In Moscow or St. Petersburg transport pass is high enough: the price starts from 1$ per ticket, while in other regions the price may be 0.35-0.40$. For students there are special discounted travel cards, with their help they can save money.


For comfortable living in Russia, you need to spend approximately 100$ per month for food. Of course, this is an average figure and prices can be different more or less, depending on a region, food price and quantity. Prices in fast-foods and universities canteens are lower than prices in restaurants or cafes and it starts from 2-3$ for snacks up to 10$ for dishes.

Use additional services

In addition to providing services to enter the university, our company can assist you with the solution of organizational issues, thanks to which the arrival and residence in Russia will be for you as comfortable as possible. Please read the information below to prepare for the trip.

Insurance policy VHI

Service fee for your country: for chosen package

Among the mandatory documents for staying, living and working in Russia, not the last place is occupied by the policy of voluntary medical insurance, or otherwise medical insurance.

And according to the law, if the foreign citizens medical policy is missing or lost, and the application for its loss has not been submitted, then he is administratively liable.

The registration of the policy is fast enough, and its cost is several times lower than the penalties established in Russia.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that all foreigners immediately have to get the medical insurance.

Recognition of documents

Nostrification is the procedure for recognizing educational documents of foreign states, in other words, it is the consent of the relevant state authorities for the validity of these foreign educational documents on the territory of a given state.

Nostrification of educational documents is a complex process that requires accurate and thorough preparation of documents for their submission to the Federal State Budgetary Institution Glavexpertcenter.

The specialists of the RUSTUDENT.org portal will carry out the correct paperwork and relieve you of the need for a mandatory visit to Moscow, repeated visits to a notary, search for a certified translator for the obligatory notarized translation of your documents and waiting for many hours in the queue for submitting documents, as well as their further receipt at the FGBI Glavexpertcenter.

We provide a service to our clients with the obligatory execution of an official contract and will send a ready-made certificate to the address indicated by you in Tashkent or anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Nostrification of education documents in the usual way takes 45 or more days (depending on the volume and nature of the data provided, as well as the speed of educational institutions responses to official requests from Rosobrnadzor).


Cost: 3500 RUB
Alternative cost: 50 USD

Consultation on admission to the Universities of Russia! You do not know which university to enter, where to apply? Do you find it difficult to choose a specialty that will allow you to get an interesting profession? The consultation will help you choose the specialties and universities that suit you, tell you which universities your chances of enrolling in are higher. You will receive your personal rating of educational institutions, develop a step-by-step algorithm for admission and a plan of possible actions to increase the chances of admission.